Functional Self Defense Training Groups

Looking for Functional Self Defense training partners?

Most martial arts are ineffective for self defense, so it's difficult for individuals to find realistic places to train. To help solve this problem, I have created a password protected page where anyone interested in training Functional Self Defense can list their location and contact information, find other people to train with in their area, and start an FSD training group.

In order to access the page you will have to send me an email with your first name, location (country, state, city), and the email address or contact info you'd like listed. The page will only be visible to other people with the password, and you can email me to remove your information at any time. Here is the list:

*FSD Training Group List*

Functional Self Defense Lessons


I would highly recommend using my books as training guides for FSD Groups. They are inexpensive, and follow my curriculum exactly as I teach. They were written to be used as training guides.

Online/Skype Lessons

Although I have limited time available, I will try to make time for Skype lessons for anyone interested in starting an FSD training group. If you have a training partner, a computer with a video camera, and a decent internet connection, I can offer instruction online via Skype at US $60/hr. Please contact me if you are interested in online/Skype lessons. Again, you must have a training partner available for lessons.


If you are interested in having me come to you for lessons, I am available for private seminars. Please contact me for availability and more information.