Irimi Nage

The irimi nage, or 'entering throw', is a core technique in aikido with a number of variations. In the pictures below, a crash is used to redirect the attack. The crash leads to an arm control, which is followed by a condensed version of the irimi nage.

Threat Punching Attack

As blue shirt steps in to attack, white shirt intercepts the attack with a crash, redirecting the energy of the attack backward and upward. The crash provides solid cover against straight punches and hooks from either hand.

Arm Control Irimi Nage 1

White shirt gets an arm control after crashing, and pulls blue shirt forward, transitioning his close hand to the back of blue shirt's head and pulling his head further in. These two pulling actions reverse blue shirt's movement from backward to forward.

Irimi Nage 2 Irimi Nage 3

White shirt then grabs blue shirts chin with his far hand, reverses his direction, and throws blue shirt to the ground..

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