Sankyo is the third joint locking technique taught in aikido, and can be an effective technique in self defense. In this series of photos, you'll see sankyo applied from a unique, functional entry I call the crash. After sankyo is applied, you can hold your opponent in the lock, throw him to the ground, or in a worst case scenario, break his wrist.

Threat Punching Attack

When blue shirt steps in to attack white shirt, white shirt moves in with a crash, redirecting blue shirts energy upward and backward.

Arm Control Sankyo 1

From the crash, white shirt uses the arm control to reverse blue shirts direction of movement, pulling him forward. As blue shirt is pulled forward, white shirt transitions his grip to apply sankyo, and slips under blue shirt's arm.

Sankyo 2 Sankyo 3

White shirt steps and turns 180 degrees under blue shirts arm, and locks blue shirt's wrist with sankyo. Note that white shirt keeps blue shirt's hand in front of him at all times.

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