Arm Frame Head Lock Escape

The headlock is a common hold used on the street, giving the user the opportunity to strike his opponent in the face or apply a variety of locks and chokes. The arm frame escape shown below is a simple escape that works very well. After getting out, the defender can easily run, strike, lock, or choke his opponent.

Headlock Arm Frame

Gray shirt has blue shirt in a headlock. Blue shirt uses the outer bone of his left arm against the side of gray shirt's neck to create an 'arm frame'.

Arm Frame 2 Headlock Escape

Blue shirt uses both arms to pressure against gray shirts neck with the arm frame. Once space has been created, blue shirt slides his butt backward to get out from under gray shirt, and stands up, continuing to apply pressure to the side of gray shirt's neck in order to release the hold. At this point blue shirt can escape or use a variety of techniques against gray shirt.

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