Escape From The Mount

This standard escape from the mount is extremely effective against the vast majority of attackers. Attempting to block punches or launch a striking attack of your own when your opponent has you mounted is highly unlikely to work due to your inferior position. Your opponent can strike you harder, faster, and easier from the top. The first priority is to unbalance your opponent, forcing him to catch himself with his hands on the ground above you. This will prevent him from striking you and allow you to use the defense below or a number of others.

The Full Mount The Full Mount

Gray shirt has blue shirt in the full mount and is punching him in the face. Blue shirt forefully throws his hips up, driving gray shirt forward and forceing him to catch himself with his hands.

The Full Mount The Full Mount

Blue shirt uses his left hand and foot to wrap and control gray shirts right arm and foot. Blue shirt raises the right side of his hips up and around, rollowing gray shirt, who is unable to stop the roll due to the arm and and foot wraps.

The Full Mount The Full Mount

Blue shirt can now either stand up and leave or use a guard escape if gray shirt keeps him in the closed guard.

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