Proper Stand Up

The natural way to stand up, brining your upper body forward as you rise, will get you nailed by an opponent in self defense. Therefore, it's essential to learn how to stand up safely if you find yourself on the ground with an opponent standing. In the following example you see blue shirt using a kick during the stand up. If your opponent is at a distance or not quite as aggressive, you can use the stand up without the kick. It's also possible to add additional kicks before and during the stand up.

On The Ground Ready Position

Blue shirt is on the ground with gray shirt standing above him and ready to attack. Blue shirt puts his lead hand up as a guard and his rear hand on the ground as he establishes the proper position to get up safely.

On The Ground Ready Position

In the first imgage above, blue shirt uses his rear leg to kick gray shirt in the knee, driving him backward so blue shirt can make a safe stand up. Blue shirt brings his rear leg back beyond his rear hand, leaving his lead hand up as a guard.

On The Ground

Blue shirt is now safely standing.

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