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Who Says You Can’t Hike In Five Fingers?

Hiking Path

Hiking Path

I said I’d be posting on this new blog more frequently, but for the last week and a half I’ve been on a hiking trip, continuing for a week more.  Once I return I’ll get back to regular posting.  Just a quick note on something anyone who’s looked at the pictures on my site has likely noticed…I wear Vibram Five Finger shoes for training.  I posted about Five Fingers for martial arts a while back, and mentioned I also wear them (the Treks in particular) for hiking.  I’ve been alternating between the Treks and Komodos on this trip, and after wearing Five Fingers for the last 4 years (I’ve got about 10 pairs and wear them all the time now), I find the Komodos to be excellent trekking shoes.  Many people have told me you can’t hike in Five Fingers, that only hiking boots or shoes are sufficient for rocky trails, etc.  It’s BS.

Vibram Five Finger Hiking

Hiking with Five Fingers

Over the last few days I’ve been on some extremely rocky, steep trails, and the Treks and Komodos have been fantastic.  What makes the Five Fingers so perfect for hiking (and martial arts, and everything else) is that because the soles are so thin and flexible, your feet can naturally conform to the surface you’re stepping on, making them far less likely to slip.  Even on wet, muddy, rocky surfaces, I find Five Fingers to work at least as good if not better than hiking boots and shoes.  For the most part, I think hiking boots/shoes are a marketing gimmick.  There are some exceptions, for example on steep wet slopes with snow, where you need thick, hard edges to edge into the mountain.  But for the vast majority of trails most people will encounter, I find Five Fingers to offer the best combination of stability, grip, and mobility.

Rocky Hiking Trail

Hiking Trail

If you haven’t tried Five Fingers, get yourself a pair and give them a go.  They’re the best shoes for athletics, hiking, and everyday wear you’ll ever put on.

The Choke for Self Defense

In a thread on Burton Richardson’s Jeet Kune Do Unlimited forum called MMA for LEO one of his members posted a link to a video of a policeman pepper spraying and shooting a criminal to no effect.  The officer would have likely been killed had his gun not failed when the criminal took it from him and pulled the trigger.  Burton’s MMA for LEO (Mixed Martial Arts for Law Enforcement Officers) program would have helped this officer a great deal. Click here to read more »