I’ve just uploaded the video above, which includes a bit of light environmental self defense training.

The vast majority of self defense and martial arts training takes place in well lit, clean rooms with very few objects to trip over, slip on, get slammed into, or slam your opponent into.  Natural environments are very different to say the least.  The average room in a house or place of business is full of furniture that can both hurt or help your self defense efforts.  You can run or slam your opponent into the corner of a table or desk, slam his head into the corner of a building, into a tree, or shove him into a parked car, badly breaking his balance if not worse.  Of course, your opponent can also use the environment against you.

To be able to use your techniques in a natural environment, you must practice in them.  The above video demonstrates a drill using natural objects as evasive barriers, light boxing style sparring, and a stick fighting drill.  There are many more drills you can do in such environments, and in the future I’ll add more videos on the subject.

If you’re practicing self defense or martial arts, make sure you’re training in natural environments!

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