Here is a video I’ve just uploaded on empty hand techniques and applications of kali.  Whether you’re interested in kali, practice it, or not, these techniques can work very well in self defense.  (I’ve also just added a new page to my site with more information and examples of kali empty hands.) The triangular footwork used in the “#3 cover” and in the “covered entry”, demonstrated in the video, is relatively unique and very effective, especially when combined with functional empty hand kali techniques.

As in many of my videos, I’ve also demonstrated commonly trained kali techniques that do not work well in self defense.  I’ve gotten a few complaints about this in previous videos, where viewers have said there is no need to put down other techniques or styles.  I disagree.  When people practice techniques that don’t work, I feel it’s important to demonstrate why they don’t work, not only so practitioners can abandon particular ineffective techniques, but also so they generally understand what works, what doesn’t work, and why.

If martial arts are only being practiced for fun and enjoyment, it doesn’t matter if the techniques are functional or not.  But if they’re being practiced for self defense, it does matter.

The techniques in the video above follow the Covered Blast concept.  Against punching attacks, they work no matter how an attacker punches.  It doesn’t matter whether he throws a left punch, a right punch, a straight punch, or a hook.  It doesn’t matter if he tries to throw one punch, or 10 punches.  The combination of footwork, cover, trapping, and striking maximizes the chance of success while minimizing the chance of injury.

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