The Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Self Defense

The Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Self Defense

My book on unarmed self defense is finally finished, and you can purchase it here.

I’m very excited about having completed it!  On an almost daily basis, I receive emails from people asking for help with various training related issues that are beyond what they can learn from my website or via email.  I designed and wrote this book to mirror what I teach in private classes, and it works extremely well in that regard.  So now, instead of writing people without access to functional self defense training that they’ll have to wait, I can point them toward a great solution.

The book follows the exact progression I take students through, and it’s easy to learn from, both for beginning and advanced students.  There’s a LOT of material in it.  And all of the material is extremely efficient, effective, and above all…functional.

It’s available in downloadable e-book form at the moment, as a PDF.  As I wrote on the purchase/download page, I decided to go with the PDF form rather than a .mobi or other e-reader form in order to keep the layout and quality of the images in the best possible format.  It will be best viewed, and perfect, on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.  It can also be printed, or uploaded to a Kindle/Nook/etc., but due to the size and number of images, those devices with small screens will not be ideal.  I do plan on making the book available as a real/physical book, but it’s likely going to take a while before I get that done.

Check it out, and let me know how you like it!

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