Most of my blog posts recently have been about updates to my site, and this one is no exception. The new video above details the fundamental FSD progression for stick and sword work. I’ve posted the video on this page, where can you also read much more about FSD stick and sword training. Even if you’re not interested in stick fighting, learning to use blunt and sharp weapons is very important in self defense. See my weapons page for more on that.

You’ll notice on my home page and every other page of my site that’s not part of the blog, I’ve got email sign up forms. When a visitor signs up, they get a series of emails with self defense tips and info. A number of my subscribers have asked me to add more wing chun content to my site, so yesterday I added this video to the wing chun section:

It demonstrates both ineffective and functional wing chun techniques and training methods. In the near future, I’ll be adding more techniques from wing chun to my site.

Subscribers have also requested that I add techniques that allow a person to defend themselves without injuring their attacker. So that’s also one of the next things on my list. If you have any special requests for what you’d like to see, feel free to leave your requests in the comments here, subscribe to my site, or contact me here.

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