Basic Six Angles

In the images below I demonstrate the basic 6 angles of attack and defense we use in FSD for kali / eskrima and all contact weapon training. A variety of strikes can be used on these 6 angles: full swings, half swings (hit and retract), circular or redondo swings, and reverse angles among them. The motions are done from a static position, but in application they would always be accompanied by footwork. See my stick and sword or 4 Step Matrix page for stick work and footwork, or check out the links at the bottom of this page. Although a stick is used in the images, the same angles can be used for sword, knife, and any other contact weapons.

Ready Position Angle 1 Chamber

The ready position and the angle 1 chamber.

Angle 1 Angle 2 Chamber

Angle 1 and near the angle 2 chamber.

Angle 2 Angle 3 Chamber

Angle 2 and the angle 3 chamber.

Angle 3 Angle 4 Chamber

Angle 3 and the angle 4 chamber.

Angle 4 Angle 5 Chamber

Angle 4 and the angle 5 chamber.

Angle 5 Angle 6 Chamber

Angle 5 and the angle 6 chamber.

Angle 6 End

Angle 6.

See more functional kali / eskrima footwork and stickwork: