Jab & Stab Defense

Defending against a knife attack without a weapon of your own is a horrible prospect no matter what. It's extremely difficult when the attacker holds the knife in his lead hand, but even more so when the lead hand is used to shove you back while the rear hand repeatedly stabs. We call this the "jab and stab" attack. The repeated rear hand stabbing action is also called the "sewing machine" by some.

This attack is so difficult to deal with because the shoving hand makes it difficult to gain control of the knife. Additionally, if the attacker's head is covered by his shoving hand/arm it is almost impossible to hit him in the face without being stabbed. Here is a "good" solution:

Jab and Stab Knife Defense Jab and Stab Knife Defense

As the attacker attempts to shove the defender with his lead hand, the defender parries it down.

Jab and Stab Knife Defense Jab and Stab Knife Defense

With the shoving hand/arm out of the way the defender immediately moves forward and secures the attacker's "knife arm" with two hands - shown low and high.

Two on One Elbow Lock

The simplest follow up is to yank the attacker's arm into a two-on-one, followed by an elbow lock. From here the attacker's arm can be broken and the knife can be stripped. (Shown from a different angle for visibility purposes.)