Smack and Hack

The smack and hack is one of my favorite covered entry techniques. It works very well as a blast against an imminent threat, as a defense against a straight punching attack, and as a counter to some grabbing attacks. The smack and hack not only has the potential to instantly knock an opponent out, but it also leads to a great control position, the head and arm control, from which you can use strikes, locks, throws, and chokes from a position of safety. You can see video of the smack and hack on my techniques page. Below are images with one follow up example:

Threat Smack

Red shirt steps directly into black shirt's center as he smacks black shirt's lead arm down with his right hand. The smack on the entry keeps red shirt safe against a lead hand attack, and the lowered head keeps him safe against a rear hand attack. Note that the forward step is done with the same side as the hacking arm.

Hack Driving Back

Red shirt hacks black shirt in the side of the neck with his left arm, and then steps forward with his right foot, keeping the pressure on the hack and driving black shirt backward. The smack and hack ends with the 'head and arm control', where a great variety of follow up techniques are possible. Here's a simple follow up with strikes:

Knee to Groin Elbow to Temple

Red shirt knees black shirt in the groin, and elbows him in the temple.

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