Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing

For the same reasons boxing is ideal for initially learning to use and defend against punches, Thai boxing is the perfect system to start training the use of and defense against kicks, knees, elbows, and some stand-up grappling techniques. Also like boxing, because Thai boxing is a sport, modifications and additions need to be made for it to be used in self defense. In FSD we use it as part of the MMA Base to get practitioners used to hitting another person, getting hit, and avoiding getting hit.

Thai Boxing Techniques

Punches in Thai boxing are similar to those in boxing, so we won't repeat them here. What sets Thai boxing apart are the vicious kicks, knees, elbows, and high clinch. Thai boxing defense is also similar to western boxing, primarily concentrating on evasion, parries, blocks, and covers. Where the techniques below are clickable, we'll include images of defensive techniques against them.


  • Push Kick
  • Thai Round Kick (Upward, Horizontal, Diagonal)
  • Spinning Back Kick


  • Upward
  • Forward
  • Diagonal
  • Curving
  • Jumping Knees


  • Diagonal
  • Horizontal
  • Verticle
  • Downward
  • Jumping Elbows
  • Spinning Elbows

Thai Clinch

  • Neck Tie w/ Pummeling & Off Balancing

Thai Boxing Training

Thai boxing training is also nearly identical to training in western boxing. Various bags and pads are used to develop striking speed and power, exercises and drills are used to increase relevant qualities, and sparring plays a very substantial part. See our section on boxing and follow the same steps for Thai boxing training.

Thai Boxing for the Street

Because Thai boxing is a ring sport where participants fight one on one with limiting rules and padded gloves, substantial changes must be made to be prepare practitioners for comprehensive street self defense. Palm strikes should be substituted for punches, takedown defense and ground grappling must be added in addition to more damaging techniques, and defense against armed attacks and multiple opponents should be trained. See our section on boxing for more information on the necessary additions.