Most martial artists would fail against a
real attack. Would you?

Learn to successfully defend yourself against any unarmed attack.

The most efficient, effective and proven techniques, training methods, and strategies to defend against any unarmed attack. From beginner to advanced.
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Self Defense E-Book

Most martial arts and self defense courses will not prepare you for a real attack.

Many of them weren't created for self defense in the first place.

Most of them ignore how real violence happens, what it really means to be aware of your surroundings, and how to prevent an attack.

And a great many have extremely inefficient and ineffective techniques and training methods.

In addition, most martial arts are extremely limited. They only train a limited style of attack and defense and ignore modern weapons.

I know this because I trained and taught them for years. I wasted my time, thinking I was actually learning to defend myself, when in fact I wasn't.

Don't waste your time doing the same thing.

How can you really learn to defend yourself?

I've spent more than 25 years looking for the most efficient and effective techniques, training methods, and strategies that really work in self defense.

Unfortunately they don't exist together in any one style. Traditional styles are usually limited to only striking, only wrestling, only stand up, only ground, only weapons, only unarmed, and so on. Sport styles are just as limited. Combatives are too focused on offense only, and won't train you to deal with a skilled opponent who knows how to fight back. And MMA is designed for one-on-one fights in a ring, with no weapons.

Because I couldn't find everything you need in any one style, I spent nearly 3 decades training everything I could to put all of the most efficient and effective techniques, training methods, and strategies in one place: Functional Self Defense. I've put this material in an easy to learn format in my books. Here's what advanced martial artists have had to say about it:

"I have studied martial arts and self defense for about 20 years now including multiple weapons, CQB, Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun...In my opinion, this is the most practical, down to earth book on martial arts I've ever read. I have a small library of martial arts books, so that's saying something...It brings beginner and advanced together into every technique on every page. Everyone has something they can learn here."
- Benjamin Scott,
"David Erath Jr.'s "Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Self-Defense" is a thorough and mature treatment of the topic. I write this review as someone who has been involved in martial arts in various forms since the early 1990s. This is important because I started in a pre-Internet era in which "Black Belt" magazine was profiling ninjas and "experts" of dubious origin, where you could send a check to Midwestern addresses to be included in secret martial societies, before mixed martial arts exposed the limitations of style-based training. Now let's contrast with Mr. Erath's work..."
- Zero One, Reveiw
"Mr. Erath provides a thorough and helpful study of self defense...if you are committed to developing real functional self defense skills, this text is a must have. It is the best self defense book on the market."
- Joseph Schuh, Reveiw

What you are missing now:

If you are training any specific martial arts or combat sports style, even MMA, you are missing essential components necessary for comprehensive self defense ability. What happens if your opponent catches you by surprise with a technique, weapon, or in an area you haven't trained for? I can tell you. You'll get beaten down like a total beginner.

It doesn't have to be this way though. You can learn all the techniques and training methods you need for self defense, no matter if you're currently a beginner or an advanced martial artist in any style.

In The Ultimate Guide To Unarmed Self Defense you'll find everything you need to compliment your current training to deal with any unarmed attack. (For armed attacks, you'll want my second book, The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense.)

Here's what a few more readers have said about the book:

"This is the best self defense book I have ever read. The techniques are sound, the strategies innovative, and the "Fundamental Five" can be beneficial to anyone with any martial experience or none..."
- James McQuage, Reveiw
"Fantastic self defense book. The author really nails the essence of Self Defense...In summary: If you want to become effective in self defense, then this book is a must to read AND implement in your training."
- N. Zwaneveld, Reveiw
"I have an extensive back ground (over 40 years) in Karate, Escrima, Wrestling, Boxing and Reality Based Self Defense. There are too many books and DVDs on the market that are pure garbage. This book is not one of them.The information and technical instruction contained within is top notch..."

About the Book

The Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Self Defense is a comprehensive guide to the most efficient and effective techniques, training methods, and strategies required for functional self defense. If you like this website, you'll love the book, regardless if you're new to self defense or an advanced martial artist. Beginners will find everything they need to learn unarmed self defense, and advanced martial artists will find new techniques and training methods more effective than anything they've ever learned. In addition to physical techniques, awareness and prevention are also covered in great detail.

What You Will Learn

  • The difference between self defense and martial arts
  • What constitutes legal self defense
  • The nature of physical violence
  • Avoidance, awareness, and prevention
  • How to be a bad target
  • How to recognize warning signs and pre-attack indicators
  • How to prevent an attack through distance, evasion, and de-escalation
  • The best training methods available
  • What works and what doesn't
  • The pros and cons of different training methods
  • Solo training
  • Partner training
  • Sparring
  • Training in natural environments
  • Adrenal issues
  • Multiple opponents
  • The most efficient and effective techniques
  • Default responses for any attack
  • Solid strategies for implementation
  • Palm strikes, kicks, knees, elbows, joint breaks, throws, and much more

Easy to Learn From

Techniques and training methods are presented as taught in private lessons and hundreds of easy to follow photos with directional arrows and ghost imaging make learning from the book easier than ever.

Face Grab Groin Slap

The Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Self Defense also includes chapters on environmental applications, physical and mental fitness, and frequently asked questions. You will not find a book that is easier to learn from.

What if you're just not sure? Should you really buy the book?

Just look at what other readers had to say. This will be the best self defense/martial arts book you ever purchase. You'll thank yourself.

"I have many martial arts books and by far this one is the best one I have ever read or purchased."
"So far this is the best book on self defense I have read, and I highly doubt I will find another book that is better."
- David Hubbard Reveiw

Quit Wasting Your Time and Money

Don't waste any more time or money on ineffective training. Get the book today, and learn to defend yourself now:

Self Defense E-Book
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Self Defense Book
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*Note: The e-book version of the Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Self Defense is a PDF e-book, optimized for printing or viewing on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. It can be uploaded to an e-reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.), but due to the large number of images, viewing on a full sized screen is ideal. I chose to use the PDF format instead of a .mobi or other e-reader format in order to maintain the quality and layout of the images for instructional purposes. Due to the high number of high quality images, the book is 123MB.