Can you defend yourself against
an armed attacker?

Learn to successfully defend yourself against armed attacks.

The most efficient, effective and proven techniques, training methods, and strategies for using and defending against weaopns. Knives, sticks, guns, and improvised weapons.
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The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense

What would you do if you were threatened by an attacker armed with a gun, knife, or stick?

Many martial arts promise answers that will fail in the chaos of a real assault, and when weapons are involved failure can be deadly.

Most traditional martial arts were created to deal with weapons like swords and wooden staffs, and over time even these systems became "arts" with techniques more like movie choreography than functional weapon use and defense.

This will be obvious if you simply watch what the attacker is doing in the vast majority of martial arts weapons defense: nothing. The attacker makes one committed attack with his weapon, and then does nothing to resist or fight back.

Reality is nothing like this.

Even the most highly regarded traditional martial arts for knife and stick defense, the Filipino martial arts, are filled with 90% or more training methods that are entirely unrealistic.

This training will get you killed in a real knife attack.

How can you learn to really defend against an armed attack?

I've spent most of the last 3 decades working on exactly that. My primary goal has been to take the best techniques and training methods from wherever I can find them, to test them against completely uncooperative opponents, and only to keep what works.

The result is a weapon use and defense system that works better than any other. Here's what another weapons teacher had to say about my book on this system, The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense:

"David has done a great job analyzing techniques and concepts from several martial disciplines and creating a truly functional self defense system that works under pressure with an uncooperative opponent. It is not just a collection of random techniques, but rather a well thought out systematic and conceptual approach to practical and realistic self defense. If you are new to self defense or are an inveterate martial artist, you owe it to yourself to study Functional Self Defense."
- James Wilson, Crescent City Eskrima

What you are missing could kill you.

This is no exaggeration. The vast majority of gun, stick, and knife defenses will fail under the extreme pressure of a real attack. If you've only trained in one school or one style, you'll have no way to realize this.

You will have only practiced defending against certain types of attacks, and your "attackers" will have only practiced resisting in one way, if at all.

Even if you've trained in multiple weapons based martial arts, it is highly likely that these blind spots still exist. Give an athletic football player a rubber knife or a padded stick and tell him to try to take you out as best he can.

This is what I have done over and over again. And I have kept only the techniques that are the most efficient and effective for realistic self defense.

"This is David's second book on self defense, this one being focused on both weapon's defense and use. As in his first book, which I recommend as well, he is focused intently on functional techniques. Both are filled with very candid and sound advice on every topic they cover. This book covers some heavy topics.... Unarmed self defense against a knife, unarmed defense against a gun, etc.... David pulls no punches; the techniques in here could save your life if you will take the time to really practice and learn them....I anticipated the realease of this book and I was not disappointed. I will prize this book for years to come. I'm looking forward to putting it into some serious practice with my own students..."
- Benjamin Scott,

Do you know how to use weapons in self defense?

It's highly unlikely that you'll be attacked by one person who is smaller than you, weaker than you, and unarmed. It is more likely that your attacker will be bigger, stronger, more numerous, and/or armed.

To really maximize your chance of survival, weapon use is a no brainer. You need to know how to use blunt, sharp, and projectile weapons. Even if you don't carry a weapon, many objects in your environment can function as improvised weapons.

In The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense you'll learn how to use anything you can pick up as a weapon. Whether you have trained with weapons or not already, the techniques and training methods in this book will increase your skills dramatically.

About the Book

The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense is based on the revolutionary 4 Step Matrix, a universally applicable training and fighting system designed specifically for contact weapons. It is filled with 250 pages and more than 800 images of the most efficient and effective techniques, training methods, and strategies to defend yourself against armed attacks.

In addition to learning proven unarmed defense techniques against gun, knife, and stick attacks, you will also learn how to use weapons in various self defense scenarios. When confronted by armed attackers, the skillful use of a weapon will dramatically increase your odds. The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense will teach you how to use a wide range of weapons, including everyday objects.

Bag vs. Stick Knife Defense Stick Defense Gun Defense

Expert Skills In Easy To Follow Steps

The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense is the result of more than 25 years of teaching and training a great variety of students, from law-enforcement and expert martial artists to average citizens with no training at all. It provides an easy-to-follow approach regardless of your level of experience.

Knife vs. Stick 1 Knife vs. Stick 2 Knife vs. Stick 3 Knife vs. Stick 4

What You Will Learn

  • Unarmed defense against knife attacks.
  • Unarmed defense against gun threats.
  • Unarmed defense against stick attacks.
  • Using blunt, sharp, and projectile weapons in self defense.
  • The most efficient and effective footwork for weapon use.
  • Using everyday objects as improvised weapons.
  • The Pekiti Tirsia knife tapping drill and how to use it.
  • Applications in real-life environments.
  • And much more...
"Mr. Erath has done yet another excellent job of showing what is realistic in terms of self-defense...You can tell that Mr. Erath has spent a good deal of time training and figuring out what will actually work and what is just pure nonsense. He is committed to helping people realistically and functionally learn to defend themselves. Buy the book, you won't regret it."
- Kristopher Eaton, Reveiw

Learn this vital material now.

There is nothing more important in self defense than understanding the danger that weapons pose, and how to use and defend against them. Get the book now. Train the material. You'll be very glad you did.

The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense
$19.99 (PayPal Payment)
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The Ultimate Guide to Weapon Use and Defense
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*Note: The e-book version of the Ultimate Guide to Unarmed Self Defense is a PDF e-book, optimized for printing or viewing on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. It can be uploaded to an e-reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.), but due to the large number of images, viewing on a full sized screen is ideal. I chose to use the PDF format instead of a .mobi or other e-reader format in order to maintain the quality and layout of the images for instructional purposes. Due to the high number of high quality images, the book is 123MB.