Hammer vs. Knife

In the images below you see blue shirt using a hammer to defend against a knife attack by white shirt, using the principles of the 4 Step Matrix. You can see video of this technique on my weapons page. This same type of defense, using a covered entry, covered follow up, and covered exit (not shown), can be done unarmed and with a variety of other weapons (palm stick, pen, a knife of your own, etc.) against a knife attack. Video of this defense against various knife attacks can also be seen on my knife page.

White shirt attempts to stab blue shirt in the stomach. Blue shirt steps in and blocks the stab while simultaneously nailing white shirt in the head with a hammer. White shirt will probably attempt to block the hammer strike and counter stab.

If white shirt is still standing after the hammer strike to his head, blue shirt immediately moves further forward while blocking down against white shirts knife arm. This covers a potential secondary strike. Right after the downward block, blue shirt grabs the back of white shirt's arm just above his elbow in order to establish control. In the image above, this happens as white shirt is attempting another stab.

With control of white shirt's arm, blue shirt continues to strike him in the head and arm until he is no longer a threat.

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